09 February 2011

February already!

It was 8 F when I came into work this morning at 6:30 am. I'm pretty sure my brain can't actually comprehend that, because I was reasonably okay walking from my car to the building (it wasn't windy) but I just kept repeating "COLD COLD COLD COLD" in my mind.

The Little Bug's daddy has been visiting us for several days, so that has given me a welcome respite from bearing the entire burden of parenting. I've had a few nice early mornings at work. I haven't had to plan and cook dinner after work. The Little Bug has been able to spend all day with his daddy instead of going to daycare.

Speaking of the Little Bug, he turned 3 years old on Super Bowl Sunday!

Anyway, that's the summary of the past week or so. I never like cold weather, and naturally, I like it less and less as winter wears on. I'm looking forward to spring with a wistful eagerness.


Debbie said...

I was up at 3:00 praying for you... loves

Candace said...

Hi Deb! Haven't had an update from you lately, so I hope you're doing well. I want to make Nathan a pair of the fun dragon slippers I posted on my blog, so I need his feet measurements, width and length. I'd like to have them to send with Debbie when she visits you guys. Anyway, hope to hear some Deb and Nathan updates soon! Miss you!