06 September 2011

10 Day "You" Challenge: Three Films

Candace is doing a daily meme that requires lists on a daily basis. I'm joining in the fun rather late, as she's already at #3 and it starts with #10. I might play catch-up, but for now, I'll list three films that I love (or enjoy).

1. Legally Blonde - I despise cheesy romantic comedies with inane plots and dialogue, unlikeable characters, etc. You know the kind of movie, churned out by the dozens and often featuring repeat offenders such as Kate Hudson, Katherine Heigl, or Julia Roberts. I have my idiosyncracies, however, and I'm allowed an exception to my rule of loathing. Legally Blonde is my exception. I love that movie, because it transcends its genre in a way that few films do. It's fresh and funny enough that I can watch it again and again, and some of the dialogue still cracks me up after all these years. One time I said "My hair's so now" and my sister automatically knew what I was quoting. Reese Witherspoon's fantastic performance is part of what really makes the movie. My one little complaint is that I find Luke Wilson 100% unattractive and unappealing, so I really wish they had found someone handsomer and more compelling as the male lead.
2. It Happened One Night - I'm doing a random sampling of movies I love, but this might make a list of my top ten favorite films of all time. What can I say? It's a classic, and if some of the elements (e.g. runaway bride, wisecracking newspaper reporter, flirty banter, upending of class/social conventions, to name just a few) seem cliched now, it's only because It Happened One Night did it first and best, and all those other movies copied its successes. Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert won Oscars for their roles, and they're more fun to watch with every viewing. If you've never seen It Happened One Night, give yourself a treat and see it soon!
3. Ball of Fire - Since I've wandered into the light comedy camp, I'll just stay there for my third pick. Ball of Fire is another classic rom-com, this time with deft performances from dependable performers such as Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck, ably assisted by a whole host of some of classic Hollywood's greatest character actors. What do you get when you mix a houseful of nerdy professors with a nightclub performer on run from the police? This movie! And when you add some gangster shenanigans, conga dancing, and a high-speed chase? More of this movie! A lot of the fun focuses on linguistic research, so clearly this is a crowd-pleaser, folks. But don't take my word for it. See it!

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