08 February 2012

Best Quote of the Day

...and it's only 8:15.

From Michelle Malkin: "Romney gets Rick-Rolled". =D

Being a libertarian (more or less), I don't have unreserved love for Santorum, but I'm impressed that he's soldiered on while being cast consistently as the underdog in the current Republic presidential primary.

I'm not particularly political on this blog very often, so there's your nugget for the week.

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Debbie said...

this turned into a pretty interesting educational process : ) Funny at the surface quote, but when teens on fb were using the term the same day and I was sure not from this perspective and did not see how they could have picked it up and applied it differently within hours, although I realize that does happen, so had to go search and see that the terminology was already in use. Whew, and that was nothing compared to trying to explain it all to Jerry : ) lol

I heard Santorum speak and was impressed with his ability to draw a crowd into unity.