18 April 2012

Stuff We Talk About At Work

From my work IM buddy:

Him: I'm thinking you should be on a reality show...
Me: Porque? I doubt anybody would want to watch me dig up worms and read Plato.
Him: Like you should be on a dating show, where guys go on a first date with you, and you just be yourself, and watch their reaction as you say things.

Ridiculous, yet at the same time, no worse than most of the reality TV shows that populate the airwaves.


Candace said...

I'd watch that.

Keith Alderson said...

Usually I only post to friends' facebook pages, but noticed your "corner of the asylum" comment - then your struggles to sleep - even noticed your early blog that England was a place you'd consider running away to!

I'd been googling for some info on the book 'The Asylum'; about the development within the American financial trading - a very interesting book that I've enjoyed reading. When I googled I'd flipped to image search and that's when I saw your blog.

It may not belp having someone to chat to - to resolve why you struggle to sleep; and try to find a solution - but there again it might!

What have you already tried? I am not a professional - neither a doctor nor a counsellor. My background was in lab work and other technical work, more recently I've just been doing driving jobs so I can spend three months each year in South Africa.

It's the first day back for Parliament today, and I am just watching the recording at 1am of the debate earlier today that our goverment is having about safeguards for children.

I pray you do come up with a solution,
God Bless,
curlykeith on facebook - on account of my hair, which then led to my nick-name at church, to differentiate me from the other two Keiths there.