26 October 2006

Always strange

And full of plot twists.

Well, I am no longer a science teacher at xxxxxxxx Middle School. I'm still teaching there, but it was decided to switch me to a special classroom: "transition", which is basically in-school suspension. I was really hating life, and couldn't communicate well with middle-schoolers and keep them in line well enough. So they made a decision to put me in charge of the juvie punk division! But it is actually a good fit, so far, as I can focus on just a few students, in all their core subjects, and I also get to be as strict as necessary, without reservations, since everyone in my classroom is a troublemaker. Kids come in and stay for a day, a few days, a week, however long the administration chooses to place them there... Teachers are supposed to send assignments over, but it's usual that they can't get them right away (after all, teachers have real classes and 150 students to attend to, as I know too well), so I'm also inventive in creating assignments and directing learning on an individual basis. I even have the flexibility to arrange to have the school counselor come in and have a discussion session about issues like gangs or racism, if I think it's important for the group I have on that day.

I switched in mid-morning yesterday, and the former transition teacher (who disliked his assignment and wanted to get into a regular classroom) went to teach science, possibly permanently. I get to cover multiple subjects and focus on a few students at a time who need academic or personal direction. Today was the first day in a while that I didn't cry before, during, or after school. It may not be my ultimate destiny, but teaching transition is okay for now. Who knew?!?!

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Sher said...

Sounds awesome! I hope it is a better fit for you. I can understand the frustration ... and I only have 2 classes.