03 November 2006

I do have a rep to maintain...

Believe it or not, I occasionally enjoy my job now. I'm making my way back up the list of meanest teachers at xxxxxxxx Middle School. It helps to be the teacher in the class that kids are supposed to hate. I just make everyone be absolutely silent, and help kids with their work if they want it. If they mess around, I smile sweetly and kick them out to be suspended. I walk softly and carry a big walkie-talkie.

At home, I'm trying to finally do some cleaning and organizing. I wish we had less stuff.

We're getting caught up on Bones, and I'm getting ready for Alternate Banquet this weekend and Dan's wedding (*gulp*) the weekend after.

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Willow said...

Dad tapes Bones for me every WEd night when he watches it as I am at Bible Study. Great show.

I am down to the stuff in the house where I say "WHERE am I going to put this?" Like Christmas decorations and games and all the photos that still need to be organized. I think it would take me 6 months, 40 hrs/wk to finish that picture project. It's amazing how much yarn you can stuff into a dresser.