03 November 2006


We went to a Halloween party with our Bible study. People came in costumes of varying extravagance and originality.

The M&Ms thought this was their best side.

Glenn's roommate (whose name I can't remember, for some reason) was "Liger" Woods (i.e. the opposite of Tiger Woods).

Sarah didn't wear an entire costume, but she had a plastic skull ring artistically arranged on her nostril... and festive socks.

Dylan came as the SuperGadgetMan, Dylan 5000

Alisa was The Beach (high-concept!).

Melinda came as some sort of Indian or Pakistani woman. She said it was the most comfortable costume ever.

Glenn WAS Napoleon Dynamite, up to and including the lanyard keychains.

And Deb and Jeff came as happy Hogwarts students. Jeff was a wholesome Gryffindor wizard, and Deb represented Ravenclaw. We were most proud of the fact that we assembled our costumes with things we just had lying around the house (e.g. the wands were chopsticks that we colored with Sharpie pens).


K-W said...

My costume could beat up your costume...

Avada Kedavra!

slowlane said...

Glenn's roommate's name is Dave.
And Melinda and I have known each other our entire lives.

It is weird to have my worlds coliding on your blog.

Kiti said...

Dave, Dave, of course. I kept thinking it was Greg, but KNEW that wasn't right...

Melinda seems very nice. She mentioned that she's known you for years, Rebecca.