24 November 2006

Just Like Kevin

I recorded Just Like Heaven on the DVR a while back, and when I mentioned it to Jeff, he thought I called it Just Like Kevin, and didn't understand what I was talking about. It was funny, but I guess you had to be there. Anyway, some of my friends really liked this movie, so I recorded it on the off chance I might be able to tolerate a recently-made romantic comedy.

Elizabeth is here, so romantic comedy is the game of the day. We're watching Just Like Heaven. And doing some laundry. And because my laptop is currently matih, I don't have access to my "movie reviews" document file and therefore must write my insightful movie reviews online. You lucky people, you.

Just Like Heaven isn't quite like heaven, actually, but it is really not bad. It is improbable, but Elizabeth told me not to overanalyze it. For some reason, I really like Reese Witherspoon's work, despite some of my more critical functions telling me I shouldn't. The only one I haven't liked was Sweet Home Alabama, and I just put that out of my mind.

Anyway... It's sort of like While You Were Sleeping, only not. It speaks against terminating human life for any reason, which is very family-friendly. Interesting perspective. If you have a few hours to kill, and have run out of Academy Award-winners and quirky Wes Anderson films, Just Like Heaven is a fairly innocuous way to blow time.

We have been vegging and watching a lot of movies. We craftily subverted Elizabeth into a Harry Potter fan, by watching films 2-4 (she'd already seen the first HP movie, though she hadn't read any of the books). Then, today, we went to see Happy Feet (meh).

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