29 November 2006


If anyone is wondering why I haven't continued in posting my "wedding round-ups", with photos and commentary, it's because my laptop DIED and my pictures are all on my hard drive. =( But it turned out that my laptop was not dead, but only comatose, for my wonderful computer wiz husband was able to get it started again and back up all of my photos and other files. That's a temporary solution, and we're figuring out how to fully resuscitate my poor darling laptop (possibly reinstalling Windows, or getting a new hard drive). I'll get the wedding stuff going again, ASAP.

Meanwhile, I'll do something useful, though unimaginative: a few suggestions for Christmas gifts for the poor bereaved Kiti.
-Hello Kitty laptop bag: Not only do I refuse to consider that I won't have my laptop back, I am actively planning to involve it even more in my life, via appropriate accessorization.
-Hello Kitty handbag: I'm seeking to add variety to my tote life, as I currently have only boring black or serviceable brown for everyday purses, and I don't want to carry fancy purses around. What better way to express my classic fearless Kitiness than to sport another famous Kitty.
Cute red design
Grey and blue tote, perfect for school
Brown and pink messenger bag, also perfect for school or perhaps a small laptop
Brown suede, classic purse design. Jeff is always wanting me to move away from depressing black.

More later. I need to go to bed.


Alpha said...

Just don't go over the edge and create an Hello Kitty Hell

Anonymous said...

Has the laptop been revived completely yet? I do hope it will rejoin the land of the living electronics!