19 December 2006


I'm still working on switching over to the new Google-compatible Blogger. It's just so hard to commit.

I started my official vacation time today. I spent it cleaning the lower part of my house, as well as cooking lentil soup and biscuits. Whee.

Now, Jeff and I are watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, as he wanted to do something relaxing while he does important computer-type stuff on his laptop. I'm always torn between enjoying the pure visual spectacle of these films and disliking them because I love the books so much. I especially dislike the casting of Liv Tyler. Ugh!

I think I'll be shopping tomorrow, as well as doing more cleaning. Such excitement.

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Anonymous said...

I tried to post last night, but I posted before I signed in to beta blogger and then the post get lost. That's the one problem I've found with beta. anyway, enjoy your vacation days! Are you finished with your Christmas shopping?