04 January 2007

Happy Birthday, Jane Wyman!

Jane Wyman was a decent actress who achieved some measure of popularity in the 1940s, and won an Oscar for her performance as a deaf girl in Johnny Belinda (proving that the Academy's bias toward rewarding actors who portray characters with physical infirmities is nothing new under the sun, but Wyman is actually pretty good and more subdued than most actresses might have played). Anyway, I'm embarrassed to say that I thought Jane Wyman was dead, until she showed up on IMDB's front page as the birthday girl. She is now 93 years of age!!!

And she was now-dead US President Ronald Reagan's first wife. I can just imagine her chatting it up in the 1980s. "Yeah, I totally slept with the president. But it was legit at the time!"
Her son Michael Reagan spoke at Torrey Convocation my first year in Torrey. But I didn't go. Haha. Sorry, Jane, I didn't mean to diss your boy.

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