23 March 2007

TGIF (or nearly)

I am ready for the weekend.

I was reflecting on things, recently, and realized that things have been rather dry on the amusing-notes-written-by-middle-schoolers front. Sorry, but I can't MAKE them be crazy and funny.

Things at work are better this week than last. I am generally enjoying myself throughout the day. I still don't think, however, that doing classroom intervention with poorly behaved adolescents is my calling in life.

At home, I am rather frustrated because I can't find the charger for my camera battery. I haven't used my camera much since Christmas, but when I wanted to use it over the last weekend, I couldn't because the battery was dead and the charger wasn't in the place where I habitually keep it. *sigh* So I guess this means that I'll have to spend some time this weekend cleaning and going through my stuff till I find it.

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