29 April 2007

News from Oz

Australia, that is.

I think I might like to live in Australia, as it is a western nation that sits squarely in the Far East, and has its main political and commercial dealings with Asian-Pacific nations.



mama mia said...

Plus, the weather in Ozzy-land is so fantastic! :o)

Yea, I'd bet on your students bringing in the bugs. Tim and I are pretty sure that the reason we've been sick so much since we moved is because of the recruits. Marine recruits carry soooo many bugs (hence their penasilun -sp?- shots once a month) and the hubby brings them home.

Yea... a lab like that would be awesome to work in. The only thing is I have to have hard tissue. I don't mind if the bones have some burned flesh or soft tissue remains, but no full-on corpses. For some reason I can't handle the gross factor until they are almost fully decomposed. Then it doesn't bother me at all. I like bones. Bones are good. No soft tissue.

But you've always had a better stomache about that kind of stuff than me. I bet you could handle it. :o)

Tim came upon the idea that he's Booth and I'm Bones (personality and gift-wise). He can read people, I recite facts. He's good with people and cares about social norms... and I'm beginning to not. Weird, huh? As I'm getting older, I'm becoming more cynical-- right to people's faces! haha

mama mia said...

That was a long comment! Sorry! ;oP

Jeff Feely said...

As you get older, you're getting to be like me!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Yes, I can handle grossness. Jeff is more Booth, and I am more Bones, so that analogy holds true for us, too. I'm surprised that you've grown to be a Bones, but I guess I shouldn't be.

Jeff Feely said...

Oops, this is actually Deb, accidentally posting as Jeff. I'm using his computer and forgot to log in as me.

Willow said...

What have I begotten?? I mean, what has Dad begotten? You are your father's daughters.