01 May 2007

Funny Notes from Middle School, continued

Or, Words of Wisdom on the Meaningful Things in Life

Fun times abound with another poorly spelled/punctuated, handwritten note that I found on the ground at school.

4 yo ugly eyes only

30 yEars from now, it wont matter what shoes you wore, how your haired looked, or the Jeans you bought, but what will matter is how you lived you life and how many hot boyz did you date and who was your very first crush... well yeah dat was hard! Ha. Ha. Ha.
Well gotta boocket
love ya

O my gosh why somebody Just westside me 4 my pencil.

Love alwayz
de one and only
Cxxxxxxx bxxx

Editor's note: Thank you, Cxxxxxxx, it's refreshing to finally have a 13-year-old clarify for me what will and will not matter in 30 yEars. I'd better try really hard to remember just who was my first crush, and discount my dependence on my denim trouser purchases to cement my legacy to future generations. Whew! How close I came to disaster, and you, dear Cxxxxxxx, spared me from it. Although, if truth be told, I'd better rack up some dating time with several more cute boyz, in order to be truly on top of things.
Meanwhile, I really wonder what it means to "westside" someone. I'm guessing it's a gangsta term that means to "attack someone viciously", or something like that. As in, "The cats totally westsided my ankles till I refilled their bowl with food."

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mama mia said...

Perhaps the reference is linked to Westside Story? It is a story about gangs, so, despite the Shakespearean influence, they might like it.

Glad you are still having adventures! I'm sure you are touching their lives so much more than you realize! :o)