04 April 2007


Well, I'm half way into my spring vacation, and it's been nice and lazy. I've played WoW and watched some movies and done quite a bit of sleeping in. I hope to watch some more movies and eat a lot of junk food. Booyah.

I'm feeling a bit of Bones withdrawal, since we recorded last week's episode, but didn't watch it yet, and there's ANOTHER ONE ON TONIGHT. We are falling behind! Can Brennan and Booth go on without our faithful viewership?


Willow said...

We watched them, wanna know what happened to.... ok, nope I won't tell you and spoil it.

mama mia said...

Ahhh... you guys are killin' me! We don't have TV so I can't watch it and we don't even own season one... ahhh... hahaha

Enjoy your break, sis! Junk food... mm... I'll get my fill tonight because some of the girls from jr/sr high group are comin' over for a movie night. Mmm... popcorn and pizza...