01 April 2007

I've complained about it before, and I still don't understand:
How difficult is it to punctuate correctly when creating slides for the use of worship in the LORD's house?

One suspects that the Levites worshipping at the Temple avoided similar errors by (1) being conscientious and actually caring about things and (2) utilizing ancient Hebrew, which lacked, in its biblical forms, both vowels and written punctuation.


Willow said...

I am considering mentioning the incorrect grammar on the slides at church, wondering how to best approach it so as not to sound like a complaining troublemaker. But the incorrect grammar bothers me and makes the music worship team look uneducated.

mama mia said...

One thing that helps-- though it creates more work for you-- is to gently and nicely bring up the issue to a music director and then offer to take a look over slides before they are used that weekend. Two thumbs up because it gives you a way to serve in church that you are good at and properly punctuated and spelled slides. :o)