27 November 2007

Ooh la la, Larissa!

My coworker and I are obsessed with the proceedings of the trial of one Larissa Schuster, who is accused of murdering her husband by stunning him, stuffing him into a barrel, and pouring hydrochloric acid on him (nice lady). We read the daily updates and discuss the testimonies and ensuing developments.

Schuster is from the Fresno area (Clovis), but is being tried in Los Angeles County, as it was felt that the notoriety of the case would make it impossible to obtain impartial jurors in Fresno County.

Schuster's alleged co-conspirator has already been convicted, and Schuster herself has had to do some fancy talking to provide any explanation for her bizarre behavior in the days surrounding her husband's disappearance, if she wants to demonstrate her own innocence (she claims her accomplice committed the murder, and she merely helped cover it up, out of fear, after the fact). But whether you are guilty or innocent, why would you hide your murdered husband's body in your rented storage unit? That's just not a good idea.

Check it out. This is one crazy murder case.

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