17 December 2007

Christmas List Thoughts

I have made a list of things I'm getting for others, heavily peppered with questions marks for those people for whom I have no idea what to get. Yes, I'm a bit behind on the shopping and shipping, but cut me some slack--I've been a bit busy.

People have asked me what I want for Christmas, and I haven't had many good answers. I don't expect that too many folks are buying stuff, but just in case (and for my own memory-jogging), here's a little list with some ideas:
Weekly calendar / daily planner - one with nice pictures , to help me manage life
Monthly calendar - for planning and scheduling all our important activities as a family
Baby items - onesies, t-shirts, diaper starter kit, more diapers
Baby books - not sure exactly which ones, though
Baby food mill - something like this
[Yes, I guess there's a definite baby theme this year.]
Harry Potter books - we don't own any of the seven
New slippers - my current (Hello Kitty) ones are worn down at the heel

I can't really think of anything more, although I'm sure there is plenty more that I need.


Sloth of Doom said...

If I bought you a Hairy Potter book, you could read it to the baby whilst scribbling down appointments in the margins. Unfortunately, I don't see how the book could be used as a diaper.

Willow said...

Any theme for the calenders? Cute photos of cats? parasites? famous ruins?

Mama Mia said...

After reading it and keeping the appointments in the margins, she could recycle the book by using the pages as diapers or wipes! heh heh

Ojan said...

i saw this and thought of your future little one:


Sher said...

For baby books, I recommend the "What to Expect" series -- What to Expect When You Are Expecting, and What to Expect the First Year. Babywise is also very good. If you send me your address, I have an extra copy I will send you.

If you plan to breastfeed, The Nursing Mother's Companion is a must-have.

Sher said...

Wow, gDiapers are more expensive than I thought. I wanted to look into getting them, and then forgot about it. We go through at least 50 diapers per week right now.