17 December 2007


Twice in the past few weeks, I've had vivid dreams in which I am holding conversations in Bahasa Indonesia. It is said that when one dreams in a particular language, it is an indication of fluency. While I have been fluent in Bahasa Indonesia in the past, I haven't really used it for years, so I don't know from whence comes this sudden resurgence. Could the baby hormones be stirring up memories and confusing my brain?

Aneh sekali!


Wendy said...

Crazy vivid dreams definitely go along with pregnancy. I had some of the weirdest I've ever had at that time.

Kiti said...

Only time will tell whether pregnancy dreams are more bizarre than those induced by quinine.

Willow said...

I'd go with the chloroquin dreams. not nightmares, just very bizarre dreams, in technicolor.

Try being pregnant and on quinine. Good thing I was really too sick to notice the dreams. Poor Mikey.