28 December 2007

To Do (posted here so I don't forget)

On the docket for today:
  • Trip to the yarn store
  • Working on some knitting projects

Things to do after the New Year holiday (writing them here so I don't forget):
  • Get new AZ driver license
  • Sign up for childbirth class w/ Jeff
  • Complete our baby registries (I've been putting this off because I HATE to shop)
  • Pre-register at hospital where we plan for delivery
  • Research for good pediatrician in our insurance network
  • Side note: Egad, I'm becoming a responsible adult!!!!!!
  • Write thank-you notes for Christmas gifts we received
  • Make sure to send out those few remaining Christmas presents I haven't gotten yet to their recipients (again, I'm cutting myself some slack because I just moved; don't make me play the pregnancy card, too)
  • Get together with Sharon
  • Get together with Bekah
  • Put together calendar and contact information
  • Notify friends and family of new address and phone #
  • Clean, simplify, organize our home
  • Get our home set up for Fuzzy's arrival into the outer world
  • Contact local school(s) regarding tutoring
  • Spend time with Hobbes and Touchy so that they don't get a complex when Fuzzy shows up

1 comment:

Willow said...

Wow, it looks like you will be busy next month.