28 December 2007

Happy Christmas Days

Well, this is the fourth day of Christmas. Keep that jolly post-solstice cheer flowing! I've been busy in the past few days. I've been working on setting up the apartment (still), puttering around the house, hanging out with the cats, and occasionally leveling my various characters in WoW. Jeff went to Mt. Shasta on business travel on the morning of Dec 26, and was gone for a few days. So in the meantime, I have ended up taking an impromptu trip with Dan and Jennifer. I initially had not intended to go, when they invited me to hitch a ride with them to SoCal to see our family there. But Jeff reminded me that he would be working out of town, then working in-town, during the days (Dec 27-30) that I'd be gone, and ALSO, it is just about my last chance to just drop everything and go visit the fam on a spur-of-the-moment whim.

SoCal friends, I decided to come along late during the night before we left, so I didn't get a chance to contact you and make plans. I will call as many of you as I can, and see if I can work with Dan and Jennifer to meet up with you (I don't have a car to drive myself, so I'm dependent on them). We're staying with Mumsie Willow and Dad, and Mike is here, too, along with one of his nice friends from HMC (seriously, I almost always like Mike's college friends). We will see Mia and Tim on the weekend, when they've returned from visiting Tim's family in OR.

In other news: Yesterday before I left, I had another visit with the ob/gyn (it's lame, but in the final two months, I guess a pregnant woman has to have doctor visits every two weeks). The verdict is good: Both the baby (nicknamed Fuzzy) and I are in great health, my blood pressure is normal (120/70, when it is usually in the 90/60 range), my blood chemistry is fine, and my gestational diabetes test was negative.

Well, as far as Holidailies is concerned, there isn't much I've offered that is in tune with the festive holiday time. In the exchange of gifts, I must admit that my favorite present this year was Super Scrabble, from Jeff. I'm really looking forward to playing with friends and family.


Sher said...

Yes, you get to know your OB (and his/her nurse) quite well those last couple months. Just wait until you get to visit once per week during the last month. Whee!

I love the nickname Fuzzy! How cute! I'm glad to hear all is going well.

If you ever have spare time when you're in the SoCal area, I would love to visit with you. I might try to head out your way with Jason sometime on one of his trips. He usually flies, though, which is hard with the little guy. You definitely want to get in as many impromptu trips as possible now that Fuzzy is inside. It gets much harder once he/she is outside ... as we found out this week visiting families for Christmas.

Kiti said...

He is called Fuzzy because when we saw his first ultrasound, it just looked like a fuzzy blob to me. The doctor was saying things like "Here is the head, and here are the arms," and I was like, "Sure, they just look like pale blotches to me."