20 January 2008


Aka Esther. The name of the Babylonian goddess of sweet sweet love. Coincidence? Hmmm.

What would be a good tagline for the book of Esther, this section of Scripture with disturbing Harlequin-romance-novel undertones?

"Courageous-but-humble Hebrew girl saves her threatened people!"


"Sexy schemer makes good, brings relatives along for the ride!"

Think about it, people.


Willow said...

The heroine did put her life on the line--I'd go for courageous, maybe not so humble though.

Anxious about nothing said...

Ack! I stop reading your blog for a while (because I was doing my own household moving too) and I peek in to discover you are having a baby! Congratulations!

Enjoy - even labor and delivery is amazing. I would have another in a heartbeat if my body was up to it. But alas, my childbearing days are behind me unless God has an unexpected miracle planned for me . . .

I can't wait to hear about your baby and you will be in my prayers for a safe and "enjoyable" birth.