16 January 2008

Kudos - Sierra Mini Storage, Visalia, CA

One thing I'd like to do, on occasion, is highlight businesses or individuals that have operated in a praiseworthy manner. Businesses that offer excellent goods or services deserve to be recognized. This is all based on my own subjective experience, of course; other experiences may differ.

Last month, I received great customer service from Sierra Mini Storage, run by manager Sandra Sterling, which provides U-Haul rentals at the storage site. Jeff and I had reserved some items for our big move, and when I went to pick up our stuff, a few of our items were not available (due to other customers not having returned proper inventory to Sierra Mini Storage) and we had decided to change other things in our order. Instead of telling us "Tough luck" (since it wasn't really her fault) and having it be a really negative experience, Sandra went the extra mile as a business professional, picked up the phone and called other local U-Haul dealers to find one that had exactly what we needed, then transferred our order over there. By doing so, Sandra essentially gave away our order and didn't make a cent of profit from it. However, she did demonstrate great business sense. Now, if I ever have a future need for moving or storage services in the Visalia area, Sierra Mini Storage will be the first place I call, because I know that the customer really does come first there.

Sierra Mini Storage (and U-Haul Rentals)
Sandra Sterling, Manager
555 S. Lovers Lane (at Fwy 198)
Visalia, CA 93292
Phone 559-734-2000
Cell 661-972-5916
Fax 559-734-2003


Willow said...

If only all companies would be so customer oriented. Our move from Oregon to LA was delayed several hours b/c there was no truck available for us and then the one we did get had NO BRAKE LIGHTS and didn't go above 55 mph. It was not a fun trip.

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Ben said...

Lovers Lane? Now that's a strange street name.