06 March 2008

Domestic Goddess

Last night, I made dinner with one hand, while holding a nursing Nathan with the other.

Offerings and libations may be submitted to me via comments.


Willow said...

Welcome to the Sisterhood of Domestic Goddesses!

Sherida said...

Wow, you are definitely talented! The most I've been able to do while nursing is check email ... and I didn't do that very well. I'm afraid to hold Caleb and cook or cut at the same time. I'm such a clutz in the kitchen, I'm worried I would hurt him.

Kudos to you!

Anxious about nothing said...

Good job! Now to progess to the next goddess level, shoo away a toddler from the hot stove, answer homework questions from your grade schooler, and keep the little sister from bugging the big brother while nursing and cooking.

But I guess you'd need a few more kids to do that. More children = more enlightenment, I guess. ;)

You are awesome!


Anxious about nothing said...

Oh, and help the toddler use the bathroom . . . but please wash your hands before returning to your dinner and nursing. :)

K-W said...

That is something I could never do. ;)

Congratulations on the little boy! His pictures are very cute.

Could you bubbs me your current email address? I have some cool news to share via email...

Amanda said...

This morning I put on make-up while holding a nursing Noah!

I don't think I get Domestic Goddess status, though, because I only put it on to mask the fact that I hadn't showered. In a couple days. Yeah.