28 January 2009

Still More Status on To-Do

After dinner, I continued in the same productive vein:
  • Watched part of NCIS.
  • Spoke on the phone with the mother of one of the students I've helped in geometry.
  • Continued running laundry through the dryer or hanging it to dry on a rack, and folding it when it was done drying.
  • Changed Nathan's diaper and then put him in his pajamas.
  • Read to Nathan and put him down to sleep for the night (always a major task, even when he's so exhausted he can't crawl straight).
  • Checked the diaper bag to ensure it is adequately stocked for tomorrow.
  • Got on WoW to check mail, do a fishing quest, chat with a friend, and take a boat over to Northrend. I am half of a bar into level 70. 80 is a long way away yet.
  • Went through a stack of miscellaneous papers, put them into appropriate groupings, and filed them in labeled manila folders. [I actually did one of the tasks allotted for Tackle-It Tuesday!]
  • Realized I didn't have the paperwork immediately available for the passport applications, so I'll do that another day.
  • Put at least 20 items in the recycle or trash.
  • Made my to-do list for tomorrow.
Summary for today's to-do list, as set forth at the bottom of this post:
The things I DIDN'T do were my homework for my career class, Facebook, and cleaning and organizing my bookshelf. And I didn't do my passport paperwork for my Tackle-It Tuesday project.

I'm pretty happy with all I managed to accomplish today. However, success and productivity should not be anomalies; they should be the hallmark of every day. I'd like to be this organized, disciplined, and motivated on a daily basis. At the same time, I must retain a realistic view of what I can and cannot do with the time I have at my disposal. One thing I need to incorporate into my schedule is regular exercise. I guess I'll work on it.

For tomorrow:
  • Put together new car seat.
  • Career class homework.
  • Facebook.
  • Get paperwork for passport applications.
  • Post on blog.
  • Phone calls and e-mails, as per usual.

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Herch said...

Passport applications? You planning on jumping the country?