27 January 2009

Further Status on To-Do

I felt as if my afternoon was less productive than the morning. However, in retrospect, I really did accomplish a lot, including stuff both on and off my to-do list.
  • Folded laundry from dryer.
  • Ate lunch and fed Nathan.
  • Engaged in a battle of wills with Nathan, regarding whether or not he was going to take a nap. This took a long time, but eventually, I won.
  • Spent some quality time with Sara (though virtual, as she is in France).
  • Unloaded clean dishes from the dishwasher, and loaded dirty dishes in after that.
  • Made a few important phone calls.
  • Went to AAA and got my membership (a Christmas gift from Debbie and Jerry).
  • Hosted a little videoconference for Nathan and his daddy (who is doing work in Baltimore).
  • Drove a small load of stuff over to the storage unit to keep until I am ready to deal with it.
  • Took out the trash from my bathroom.
  • Fed the cats and cleaned up their litter.
Now, I've eaten dinner, fed Nathan, and updated my blog. I'm off to do more.

1 comment:

Willow said...

Isn't it nice to check items off the to do list?