25 May 2009

Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and Nathan and I were fortunate enough to be invited to a barbecue at the home of some friends. It was mostly people from their church family, plus a few assorted relatives, but everyone was so nice and made us feel welcome. By the end of the day, I was wearing Sweet Baby Ray's all the way down one pant leg. Nathan was soaking wet, covered in Dorito dust, with bbq sauce all over his face and even behind his ear, and whipped cream in his hair. In other words, it was a total success.

On a more serious note, Memorial Day is intended to memorialize people who died in service to the United States of America. I don't know anyone who died that way, but I do have family who lived that way.
World War II:
Thomas Price
Frank Trigg
Olaf Feely
Vietnam War:
John Price
Middle Eastern Conflict:
Daniel Price
Timothy Bicker

We also honor civilian contributors to the nation's service. Many civilian defense workers may not be facing down a rifle, but there is always the high risk of carpal tunnel distress, paper cuts, MISS (Mathematics-Induced Stress Syndrome), etc. But seriously, desk jockeys work hard and get little recognition!


Willow said...

Two great uncles--WWII

Bob said...

in my old outfit...before we shut down and moved the unit to Florida...everyone got some type of decoration/award for their service. on our installation at least...they make sure recognition is on a fairly regular basis for the military side and the chair-borne (civilian side).