26 May 2009

River Tam FTW!!

It looks as though River Tam will win the vote (facing down, in her final round, Dr. House) for Most Badass (their word, not mine!) TV Character of All Time. Obviously, a tiny tail-kicking ESP-sporting genius girl should easily take out a mere human, even if he does wield both cane and sarcasm with deadly precision.


Kiti said...

Oh, I'd like to add that some of the entries in the contest were somewhat odd, and I would have chosen a few different ones, or had more. Where was Buffy? Or Faith? Or Spike? Or Ripper? Veronica Mars? Simon Cowell? Anybody?!

That said, vote for River, please.

luminarumbra said...

Yes, she should win!

Kiti said...

She won.

Now I want to see a River/Buffy throw-down.