12 August 2009

Double Entendre

Ever have one of those occasions when you say or write something, quite innocently, and then come back some time later and realize that your choice of words had an unintended consequence of humorous and possibly even risque meaning? You know, one of THOSE occasions.

At work, we use an office messaging program (instant message, essentially) and while it can be very useful, it mostly serves as a venue for useless chatter. Today, I was having some chat with my friend Spencer, mixing useless and useful in varying proportions from time to time, and this ensued:

Spencer: Writes a lot of useful, important stuff about work.
Me: Writes a lot of useful, important stuff about work.
Spencer: Be right back. Going to go talk to Jon.*
Me: (remembering that I need to talk to this same Jon) Ok... hold him for me.
I get up and rush over to Spencer's cubicle, but Jon is already gone. No biggie, I run into him in the hall on my way back to my desk and get the answer I need. Having returned to my own cubicle, I look at my computer and read Spence's response.
Spencer: Oh yeah, he's real cuddly.

*Our program manager.

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Mama Mia said...

heh heh heh. I love double entendres. And awkward "That's what she said" moments. hehehe