25 June 2010

Friday Five

Yes, I actually did something this Friday, and it's a list of Faves for the week.
  • Finding some plastic storage containers on clearance at Target. I’m in a constant battle with clutter, and while I’m working on getting rid of stuff, I need sturdy containers to store the stuff that I keep.

  • Finding Marie Callendar’s Key Lime Pie on sale at the grocery store. Some weeks, it’s the little things that count!

  • The Netherlands coming out of Stage 1 of World Cup competitions undefeated. This is a great start for the Dutch team, but they will face solid and skilled opponents in many of the other top-ranked teams during Stage 2 and beyond. Yes, I’ve decided to return to my roots and begin following world football in earnest. Football (American soccer) is one of the few sports in which I excelled as a child, as well as one of the few that I sort of intrinsically understand.

  • The Little Bug being given a gold star! He had his 2-year check-up at the pediatrician and was pronounced to be in excellent health and progressing very well in development. He demonstrated good manners (he says “please” and “thank you” without being prompted most of the time) and behaved so nicely that the doctor observed that he was rather better than other toddlers at their 2-year check-ups. Also impressive: His vocabulary and the fact that he says basic sentences rather than just two word phrases, not to mention his knowledge of shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.

  • The joy of anticipation. I’ll be spending much of tomorrow relaxing, doing crafts (inspiration boards), baking, and getting a facial, with some lovely friends.


Willow said...

A facial? Swoon... I'd settle for a pedicure and foot massage, especially because I have a hug blister on the bottoms of both feet. Four mile walk in new flipflops=pain and anguish.

Of course, the Bug is brilliant!

Kiti said...

Mama - foot treatments were all booked up this weekend. =(

Robby and Candace said...

Your day of relaxation and crafting sounds wonderful. And I'm very impressed with Nathan! Maybe you could post a new picture of him soon?

Enjoy your fun Saturday!

Debbie said...

Baking: if you are making bread, humidity is a killer. I discovered it makes a difference to add gluten, especially with whole wheat. I know the bread I made at your house did not come out as well as here; humidity and/or no added gluten are possible reasons.