25 June 2010

Math and the Touchdown Jesus - answers!

Thanks to everyone who partipated in our mathlympics related to the Jesus statue! So, pretty much, thanks to Jeff Feely.

His second answer, of 8.33ish, is the one I was seeking, though technically the first answer (Jesus should be wearing the 7) is also correct, in a manner of speaking.

Here is how we addressed it:

My own approach was less orthodox. I tried to go the route of the geometric mean, in which 7:x = x:10, => x^2 = 70 => x=8.3666. If this is the correct solution, then 8.3666*12 = 10^2. We see that 8.3666*12 is actually 100.3992, the square root of which is 10.0199. Oooh, so close but not exact!
Note: Yes, I was all wrong. Serves me right for trying to assume a geometric relationship in an arithmetic number sequence.

Coworker #1
7 + 1.33333 = 8.3333
8.33333 + 1.6666667 = 10
10 + 2 = 12
So increments of 1.3333, 1.66666, 2.
Like Lost I guess, except my numbers make sense!

Coworker #2
Made a graph.

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Robby and Candace said...

Although I didn't chime in earlier (because the word "math" frightened me away), I think the answer is now obvious: 8.

Why was 12 afraid of 7?

Because 7 "ate" 10.

See?? It was really a riddle, and not a math problem at all :)

By the way, Deb, we ordered a Mac, so we'll be able to skype (sp?) soon!