15 June 2010

Math and the Touchdown Jesus

The Touchdown Jesus in Monroe (Dayton/Cincinnati area) actually burned down last night! Touchdown Jesus was a landmark of both cultural and physical variety, and I never saw it, but its destruction is big news in Ohio. The event has spawned much discussion as to what it meant if God struck down statue of Jesus with lightning. I would not be surprised at a sudden onslaught of theories regarding the coming judgment and doom to befall Dayton, OH. [Editor's note: Oh, puh-lease.]

My own view is that the Creator God is simply sending a message that physical objects are subject to the operating physical laws of the universe, and if there is any judgment to be had, it falls upon the Solid Rock Church for their stupidity in erecting what was essentially a flammable lightning rod in the midst of a region regularly beset by heavy thunder storms.

For my part, my attention was drawn more toward a photo that a coworker sent out of the statue prior to its fiery demise.

Clearly, the REAL question is: What number should Jesus be wearing to complete the sequence?

I posed this question to some coworkers, and a few of us obtained a solution via a variety of methods. Can you figure it out? Hint: It's not an integer. Have at it.


Kiti said...

FYI, No, I do not know why the spacing is all messed up in this post.

Willow said...

I shall refer the math question to your father.

As for the spacing problem, I have it sometimes too. Nothing seems to fix it. Somewhere in blogger's tiny little mind there is a hard wire switch that says, oh oh must put in a space there!

Wendy said...

You really expect me to remember what an integer is?
Yeah, I read that Touchdown Jesus was actually constructed partially out of Styrofoam... for real?! I think Jesus was just like, "Man, that looks NOTHING like me!"

Jeff Feely said...

Obviously Jesus would be wearing 7, and the first guy is wearing the wrong number. He should have been the one struck down.

for even distribution of the increment between numbers I'd go with:
7 8.33ish 10 12

for the pattern I like (although the number is an integer) I'd go with:
7 9 10 12
They might not be linearly increasing, but alternating pairs of even and odd numbers are still useful some times.

Unfortunately no combination (in order) of four of the numbers between 7 and 12 transposed to corresponding letters can be used to spell a word (in English).