25 November 2010

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I'm heading toward the end of Day 2 of my great recuperation. The Little Bug is settling down a bit better, but now the hunger is getting to me. You really don't appreciate being able to eat until, well, you are unable to. I have not had real food for more than 48 hours. I don't know how much more applesauce and yogurt I can handle. I am going to be donating money to organizations that provide food to needy people because my situation is temporary but there are millions in this world who suffer from hunger daily.

Meanwhile, in news of thankfulness, I am truly grateful for so many people in my life. I am thankful for Spencer and Amy Tannenbaum, who generously invited us to share Thanksgiving dinner with them. [I partook of soup and some mashed sweet potato, and both were very tasty.] I am thankful for my dad, who came to Ohio to take care of Nathan and me during and after my surgery. I am thankful for my darling Little Bug, who is growing and learning every day, and who teaches me so much about life.

I am also thankful for rest, and a safe place in which to sleep, because sleep is something I'm getting a lot of these days.

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