21 November 2011

Best Quote of the Day

From someone at work:
"If your life was a movie, it might get bad reviews for being too far fetched."

It's funny only because it started me wondering. I never think of my life as being far-fetched or unusual. I have strong ideas about how my past cultural experiences have informed my worldview in a manner that differs from many of my peers, but aside from that, I wouldn't think my life is particularly interesting, unless you want to hear funny stories about when I was a TA for the biology department at university and got paid slightly more than minimum wage to haul dead bodies back and forth through the building. THAT was a good time, people. But an interesting person with a far-fetched life? I would refer you to either (or rather, both) of my parents, definitely.
Not only do they have amazing tales regarding tropical jungle treks and narrow escapes of a variety of natures, but they also spent several years in the concrete jungle of inner-city Los Angeles, and even now they are fascinating and fabulous people who retain their good humor as sensible SoCal hippies with a passion for simplicity, Jesus, church history, fiber arts, UCLA basketball, and so much more! They've never stopped having adventures. Basically, I think my parents are the coolest. But here, let me just show you a little bit:

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Jaeyde said...

awww this video made me so happy.