17 November 2011

PSA: Human Trafficking Reminder

Long-time readers of this blog may remember that, among other things, I occasionally mention the work that is being done to fight slavery locally and around the world. There are many horrible situations that exists, so many that it seems almost hopeless to think of fighting the evil and changing the world for good. But we remember that the Lord is greater than any circumstance, and He has conquered sin and death. Our light shines brightest in the darkest moments. And once in a while, stories come to the front that confirm that rescue CAN happen and evil-doers can be brought to justice.

Nick Kristof just wrote a column detailing the prostitution of young girls in Southeast Asia. Thought it's not always the case, the stories he shares in this particular article have the beginnings of happy endings. [Note: For the most part, I don't promote articles from New York Times, considering it to be a rag of rapidly-fading journalistic integrity, and I don't always agree with what Kristof himself writes, but I will make an exception when he writes about human trafficking, because he is one of the few opinion columnists who consistently draws attention to this difficult human rights issue that many would prefer to avoid and sweep under the rug. In other words, we as people don't have to always agree on everything in order to work together to fight for something that we both believe in.]

I don't intend for this blog to become "grisly human trafficking stories central", but I might occasionally share a few ways that I'm finding to fight slavery and support truth, justice, and mercy in small steps.

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