30 November 2011

MIA Again

Well, I really did fail again on my NaBloPoMo posting. I actually didn't even crack open my laptop last night. =(

Okay, so I've been baking quite a bit lately. I've made a few batches of some really good rolls. I've also been on a cookie-baking streak. Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and snickerdoodles have been on the menu. One thing that I've known before but not always put into practice is the fact that cookies (snickerdoodles in particular) actually turn out noticeably better (if you like them moist and chewy, that is) if you chill the dough before dropping it onto the cookie sheet and baking.

I remain convinced that The TMF Cookbook remains the best all-around cookbook ever. The recipes in there are fairly simple but effective. For example, the snickerdoodle recipe is a lot less complicated than ones I found in foodie blogs online, yet every time I use the TMF recipe my tasters declare the result to be the best snickerdoodle cookie they've ever tasted. Also, the pie dough recipe is so utterly foolproof that even I can make pies and pastries that are rich and flakey and utterly delicious, and all my family know that I'm actually not very good at the whole pie thing.

Hope my waistline can survive this holiday season!

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Willow said...

You don't have to EAT the cookies and pies. You just MAKE them. :)